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He Found Brick Inedible

The first solo album from Mother Tareka. 

Civilization ended the moment it began. So when we face up to our industrial poisonous civilization, we will one day have to forage and hunt singing 
'I refuse to be miserable even though brick is still inedible' !

Lyrics and vocals by Mother Tareka featuring MonkeyWrench, Blank Space from The OutspokenWordsmiths, and Natasha Kulis. Beat collaborations and contributions by MonkeyWrench, DJ Edi X, Sonia Jind, Kid ILL, DJ ManEatingPlant, DJ Sam Pull + DJ Drop D, Moment, and J.Baggett.

Released 24 July 2011

Rebel Funktion

Mother Tareka's second solo album showcases head-bobbing beats with passionate, conscious lyricism. Self produced beats using sampling, midi, and live instrumentation. 

Rhymes & Beats, Recording & Mixing by Mother Tareka
Mastered by Drop D at Transverbal Productions

Released 31 August 2012

The debut EP from Mother Tareka and the Rebel Funktion (formerly the Greezy Steez). 

MC, flutist and saxophonist Mother Tareka connected with some serious talent to form this radical thought inspired super-band. The Rebel Funktion are Drop D on drums, Tom Altobelli on bass, Scotty Mac on guitar, Aaron Hutchinson on Trumpet, Connor Bennett on T.Sax, DJ LP on turntables & SP404 Sampler, Keisha Neoma-Quinn and Chelsea Cox on violins.

"Mother Tareka & The Greezy Steez are a hip hop monster. If Rage Against The Machine, and The Roots had a baby, and that baby decided to move to Hamilton – it would grow into a full adult and form a band like Mother Tareka & The Greezy Steez"


The live album from three-piece wonder Unidentifed Funky Objects, featuring Jesse Anderson on bass, Wally London on guitar, and Mother Tareka on vocals, saxophone, flute and looping pedal. 

Mastered by Drop D at Transverbal Productions
Released September 15, 2009

About Mother Tareka

Mother Tareka is an MC, instrumentalist, producer that makes Hip Hop truth music.

Talented lyricist, flutist, saxophonist, pianist, drummer, poet, social activist, thinker, funky music-lover and life-liver. Mother Tareka's lyrics are thoughtful and sincere, born out of how he lives his life. His music is the global struggle's blues music. Starting with deep passion about what he says, the result of his love are albums full of meaningful music (a rarity these days)- a blend of poetry philosophy and head-bobbing beats. 

Mama T is currently performing with his 9-piece funk/hip hop/afrobeat band The Rebel Funktion, and he is one half of the hip hop duo Flowtilla, along with Lee Reed. 


Imagine Something Different

Inspired by the circular tree of life design as a representation of how small and insignificant we are as humans in the grand scheme of things on this earth, one of so many, Imagine Something Different is a sonic challenge to human centered ideology. Imagine what our world would look like, how our lives would feel, how we would structure our societies, if we recognized the rights of all creatures!

Imagine a world where we don't let the accumulation of wealth and power by a few dictate the shape our futures, our lives, and our well-being! A world without the patriarchal hierarchies and governance systems that actively oppress and harm the majority of human life, not to mention all other forms of life! 

Mother Tareka's dense lyricism and musicality shines throughout the album, which enlists comrades Lee Reed, MonkeyWrench, and Emay for guest verses, and flows within beats created by HUTCHI, 1988, Moment, MonkeyWrench again, Brett Klassen, and L - S P E X.
Recorded mixed and mastered by Cee Reality of Test Their Logik at Reality Studio Lab on Occupied Turtle Island. Much respect to RHYMETHiNK!